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A Kitchen Fairytale

Hello dear,

and welcome to A Kitchen Fairytale, where you can follow my journey back to health after being struck by inflammatory arthritis – very similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis – back in August 2014.  Since October 2015 I have been on a plant-based diet which has taken away all the symptoms and rendered me free of any pain and medication.  You can read more about my journey on the page Once Upon A Time…

Right now I am in the process of writing a plant-based cookbook, featuring the recipes that helped me heal my body and get rid of the condition.  I promise to let you know as soon as the book is published, and hopefully it will give you some further inspiration in the kitchen!

Iida xoxo


4 thoughts on “A Kitchen Fairytale

    1. Hi Andy!

      I had added pretty much all plant-based foods back into my diet before I got pregnant because I knew that the well-being of little baby would be taking take the front seat.

      I still notice that foods high in protein or fat cause a slight reaction – a swelling in a few fingers or an echo in my left knee – but it always goes away within an hour or two.

      Also, I don’t think wheat is an enemy to a well-functioning system, so I do go for a small amount of wholegrain wheat products (and sometimes white wheat ones if no other option!) and observe how my body reacts to them.


  1. Hi, I am really looking forward to your book. I am vegan and find that a lot of vegan recipes do tend to use coconut oil or olive oil. Unfortunately I think I am developing rheumatoid arthritis and really want to do everything possible to heal. I am very worried and frightened that I may be one of the very few that “diet” does not work for, this because it has not worked so far and my symptoms have actually got worse.
    Thank you so much for sharing it is invaluable.


    1. Hi Lesley, thanks for getting in touch!

      I actually had the exact same though when I found the Paddison Program – I was so scared of what was happening in my body and it was terrifying not having a clue what was going on. However, knowledge is power and after ordering and reading Clint Paddison’s book I knew WHY it happened to me and why it would work for me.

      I think a huge part of healing is believing that it can be done – we tend to forget that our minds and bodies are so interconnected, and positive thinking makes the world of a difference. Obviously super hard at first but it is just a matter of habit.

      Anyway, have you read Clint’s research and started his elimination diet? If you are still getting worse it is just a matter of time before it starts getting better. Going vegan unfortunately isn’t enough, this condition is a beast to tame but it can totally be done – there just aren’t any shortcuts I have learnt.

      I hope that is a little bit helpful? You can definitely do it, honestly, I know you’ve got this! Do give me a shout and let me know how you are getting on in a couple of months’ time, I am cheering you on! iida xoxo


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