A Plant-Based Pregnancy

The Birth and Hypnobirthing

On 1 August our baby boy was born at 3,250 grams.  The birth was an amazing experience, greatly thanks to months of hypnobirthing preparations that enabled me to have a natural birth using the birthing pool and a dash of gas&air as pain management.  I used the Kathryn Clark hypnobirthing home course, and for me the extensive ebook where she explained why births are expected to be painful and how we can change this around and experience a wonderful birth instead.  Guess what, it worked for me and for another few friends of mine who tried it, so I recommend it to all my friends.

Breech Baby and Moxa Treatment

At 36 weeks my baby was still in breech position and my midwife just mentioned acupuncture in passing, so I saw an acupuncturist who did Moxibustion on me – and within a few hours I could feel movement that I hadn’t yet experienced during the pregnancy.  Three days later I could suddenly feel kicks in my ribs and he had turned the right way around, enabling a natural birth, which was just the most extraordinary thing.

There were no needles involved in the treatment, instead a stick with a Chinese herb called Moxa was lit and held next to my pinky toes.  The acupuncturist did this for me once, then I continued doing it for ten days at home, 20 minutes per foot.  Apparently the heat produced has the effect of stimulating the point which is linked to the uterus and it all worked wonders.  I listened to the hypnobirthing tracks during those 20 minutes which made it all feel very efficient!


I loved being pregnant because everything just went so smoothly.  Being plant-based meant that everything I ate contributed with beautiful nutrients to building the little baby.  As per usual, I would just eat until I was full and never count calories or feel bad about having eaten anything “naughty”.  My wedding and engagement ring fit throughout the pregnancy and beyond, I didn’t suffer from any of the pregnancy ailments that I kept being warned about and I had an abundance of energy and slept well until the end.


Hypno Birthing